Holidays with Nod

The holidays are just around the corner! I'm hosting my family this year and have started dreaming up my holiday decor ideas, and am excited to integrate some of my very own holiday items from the Land of Nod into the mix! If they came in adult size, I would be sporting my Wintry Night holiday pajamas, which come either as a onesie, or a two-piece set featuring a festive forest pattern I created just for them. I also had a total blast developing a bunch of holiday ornaments -- I was given creative freedom and was able to pitch a bunch of designs, and here are the results. There are some Baby's First Christmas ornaments, available for girls or boys, and they're customizable with the name of the babe. I also designed some fun animals (so fun to design in three-dimensions -- more objects coming soon!) and some scandinavian-inspired woodcuts. Check out all of my products for the Land of Nod