Elizabeth is represented by fabulous brand-licensing agents around the world. 

We love collaborating and warmly welcome licensing opportunities and commissions. If you're interested in working together and would like to view Elizabeth's private catalogue, we'd love to hear about your company and your ideas for collaborating! 


Elizabeth Olwen is a Toronto-based Surface Pattern Designer. She designs pretty patterns, and licenses them to manufacturers for use on all sorts of products, including bedding, stationery, fabric, home decor, apparel and much more.

Spark joy


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Spark joy

Elizabeth Olwen

I recently read the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying-Up by Marie Kondo. I’d heard about the book — it’s been permeating the lives of people around me for a while now — but a friend was in the process of applying the KonMari method to her home and as she spoke, I realized that the concept not only affects your environment, but also your life. The concept is based around the idea of only surrounding yourself with things that spark joy. I embarked on a somewhat obsessive overhaul of my home, going through every item and keeping only the things that made me happy. When I finished, it was like the windows had been opened after a very long winter. 

This past year has been a very pivotal one for me, and one of many contrasts… of heartbreak and transformation, loss and gain. As I gained momentum with my work, I was losing an important relationship. It was not an easy year. But I made it through. And more than ever, it feels important to me to allow myself to be guided by what sparks the greatest joy. 

Throughout my life, patterns have been the backdrop to my imagination, the place I could go to get lost, a window to far-away places. Though it might sound odd, pattern has pulled me through some of my hardest days. This past year, my work has been my anchor, and I’m so thankful for all of the opportunities that have come along and perked me up and moved me forward. They’ve been the air I breathe. And I realized that I needed to return the favour —
I needed to apply the KonMari method to my business as well. 

I wanted my new website to feel like a breath of fresh air. To be pared down to the essentials and be the stage for my work to shine, and to show off some of the beautiful products I’ve been so lucky to work on. It’s a little tribute to the collaborations that I’m so grateful for. And I think it’s the perfect blank slate for what’s next. 

Here’s to doing more of what sparks your joy!