Elizabeth is represented by fabulous brand-licensing agents around the world. 

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Elizabeth Olwen is a Toronto-based Surface Pattern Designer. She designs pretty patterns, and licenses them to manufacturers for use on all sorts of products, including bedding, stationery, fabric, home decor, apparel and much more.


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Elizabeth Olwen

As a woman, and I suppose just generally in my life, I’ve often felt underestimated. I've been belittled or overshadowed based on my gender, or misjudged because I choose quiet over loud. It’s been a major source of frustration. But inside of most of us, there is so much strength and power, and the awareness that we are capable of far more than we’ve been given credit for. There are lions inside of many of us. So this quote resonates with me. 

These are strange times in the political landscape — it baffles me that women’s rights, or anyone’s rights, are being challenged. The upside is that I can feel the temperature rising among people like myself who haven’t been too politically involved in the past. A theme of ‘waking up’ and needing to get involved, and that’s inspiring and full of hope. Activism is in the air. 

If you’re going to the Women’s March this weekend, please feel free to download this pretty protest sign I created for it. And if you’re *not* going to the March but are feeling the spirit of it in your heart, I’ve created it in a few sizes that are good for framing, so you can put it in your space. I hope it reminds you of the power you hold within you and encourages you to stay engaged with fighting the good fight.  


Download 8x10 posterDownload 12” x 16” poster
Download 22” x 28” poster (you can tile print and tape it together) 

The files are all vector-based PDFs and can be scaled up to any size if you don't find the size you're looking for here! For personal use only.