Elizabeth is represented by fabulous brand-licensing agents around the world. 

We love collaborating and warmly welcome licensing opportunities and commissions. If you're interested in working together and would like to view Elizabeth's private catalogue, we'd love to hear about your company and your ideas for collaborating! 


Elizabeth Olwen is a Toronto-based Surface Pattern Designer. She designs pretty patterns, and licenses them to manufacturers for use on all sorts of products, including bedding, stationery, fabric, home decor, apparel and much more.


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field trip no. 4

Elizabeth Olwen

Our fourth Field Trip event was this past week on Monday May 20th and we were sooo pleased with how it went! There have been a lot of changes within our industry this past year with Surtex and NSS moving to February, but given the positive feedback we’d had from the past shows, we decided we would align ourselves with other NYCxDesign week events and stay the course, keeping our event in the Spring. And we were so glad we did! We were thrilled that our clients still came. And it was a beautiful, fun, inspiring day for all. Thank you to everyone who came to the show to see our new work, it means so much to us. I’m excited for what’s ahead and hoping it will all lead to some great new collaborations. If you’re interested in learning more about the show, you can visit our website or follow us on Instagram. For now, I’ll leave you with some pics from the event, beautifully captured by our photographer, Christine Han.

Our lovely candy table — clients are invited to have a sweet treat!

The past few years we’ve done a group collaboration as a give-away. This year, we did a group set of gold-foiled greeting cards all themed around New York. It’s gorgeous!

And the best part — my Field Trip sisters! This event is completely planned by us and us alone. We are so grateful for our sponsors, Moo and Chasing Paper. The group collaborative giveaways are always beautiful but the best collaboration is how we work together to put on the show. Love these girls so much!

madison park relaunches!

Elizabeth Olwen


Madison Park Greetings was one of my best and most favourite clients, so it was sad when news broke that they were closing their doors a couple of years ago. Some of my proudest products were with them and the company was run by the loveliest people. So, I’m happy to share the good news that Madison Park Greetings is relaunching, and I’ll be one of their artists! Madison Park Group was acquired by Designer Greetings in Spring 2018 and this May 2019 is the first release under the new ownership. (Designer Greetings just acquired the trademarks and intellectual property of the Madison Park brand but doesn’t inherit any of the assets or liabilities, and will be producing the same top-notch calibre of creative as the former company. I’m excited!)

We developed a huge new collection of greetings cards that I can’t wait to share with you. They will be officially launching their new collections at this year’s new stationery show, *Noted. You can visit them at booth # 1011 to see their new products. Or, you can also request a new catalogue at or call 1-800-638-9622. Can’t wait for you to see all of our new goodies — I will share more when the time comes!

home collection for Salut! japan

Elizabeth Olwen

I really need to get myself to Japan, you guys! I’ve had a few projects launch that I would just love to be there to see in shops. But if I’m not there, at least I get to see photos of the store displays, and would love to share them with you! This collaboration is one I did with Salut! Japan, and it includes all sorts of new goodies that I’ve never worked on before, like curtains, storage boxes, totes along with some pillows, pouches, phone cases and more. Here’s a little look at the collection and . Thank you to my agent in Japan for working their magic on this great collaboration!