2020 posh planner

I was so thrilled to see my new planners for Andrews McMeel! The planners are from August 2019 through till the end of 2020 and I was so happy to see that the quality of them is amazing. This dragon fruit print is one of my most popular prints and they treated it with so much love, with hits of beautiful green foil that match the pattern just so perfectly and a matching green metallic coil. Beautifully done and available through many retailers online, but here’s a link if you’re interesting in picking one up.


new rugs and pillows for peking handicraft

Excited to share a few new rugs and pillows that I designed for Peking Handicraft and now available through their retail website, Makers Collective. There are two new sets: one is built around the theme of sunshine, and the other is an art-deco inspired collection. And in the future, if you’re ever wondering where you might be able to find out where to find my products, I recently redesigned my website and included a new Shop section, with helpful links to point you in the direction of where to buy things. As always, thanks for inviting me and my work into your world!