Holiday Stationery for Madison Park

Madison Park is close to my heart. One of my very first licensees, and one that I sought out specifically, and it’s turned out to be such a rewarding relationship, with countless products together. This holiday, we have a whole new batch of holiday cards — 3 different boxed-set designs — along with festive candles and matching matches! Ask for them in your local stationery shops. 

And if you live in the US, the Madison Park website has a where to buy page that can help you locate them in shops in your area. Because I live in Canada, and you can't find Canadian shops on their website, I always wish I could provide more information on where to buy. I consulted The Oracle (google) and from a very preliminary search, found a lovely little online shop called Dots & Loops that sells them all of them (and more)! I've also physically seen them in some of these goodies in shops here in Toronto, like Type Books.