Elizabeth is represented by fabulous brand-licensing agents around the world. 

We love collaborating and warmly welcome licensing opportunities and commissions. If you're interested in working together and would like to view Elizabeth's private catalogue, we'd love to hear about your company and your ideas for collaborating! 


Elizabeth Olwen is a Toronto-based Surface Pattern Designer. She designs pretty patterns, and licenses them to manufacturers for use on all sorts of products, including bedding, stationery, fabric, home decor, apparel and much more.


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Elizabeth Olwen

What an incredibly fun project this was to work on! Working with the Land of Nod always pushes me to new places creatively and it's so rewarding… I get to create things I only would have dreamt about. When I was a kid, nightlights were purely functional, but why shouldn't they be as fun as these? Take your pick of the swan, horse, fox or bunny, adorned with flowers.

Sweet dreams!