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We love collaborating and warmly welcome licensing opportunities and commissions. If you're interested in working together and would like to view Elizabeth's private catalogue, we'd love to hear about your company and your ideas for collaborating! 


Elizabeth Olwen is a Toronto-based Surface Pattern Designer. She designs pretty patterns, and licenses them to manufacturers for use on all sorts of products, including bedding, stationery, fabric, home decor, apparel and much more.


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Ethereal Jungle for cloud9 fabrics

Elizabeth Olwen

Fabric Design was one of my first pattern loves (it’s a close contender for the top spot in my heart, along with wallpaper), so when I landed my first fabric collection, Grey Abbey, with Cloud9 Fabrics about 6 years ago, I was over the moon and so emotional and grateful about it. When I unpackaged the sample bolts I received, tears were streaming down my face. And I’m so pleased that these collections continue to mean so much to me. Ethereal Jungle is my tenth collection with Cloud9 (wow!) and as I unpackaged this one, it was like going back to day one — full of gratitude, emotion… and tears.

Ethereal Jungle is extra special to me because it was created during my first year living in Lisbon, a magical, raw, exciting, scary, inspiring chapter. I’m still living in that chapter, though more settled than I was when I first arrived, and still loving it. It was a time in my life when I decided to make big changes, to fix things that needed fixing, and one of those things was my relationship to work and my pace of life in general. Ethereal Jungle was my statement about slowing down. About investing my heart into every print and not letting any through the gates of my portfolio if they didn’t deserve to be there. Quality over quantity. Soul. Time spent. I intentionally took my time with each print, I took the long way, often choosing to manually fill in my coloured elements as if drawing with marker vs. a quick digital ‘fill’ in my drawing software. I decided if I wanted it to have soul it needed to have a human touch as much as possible. So, I took my time with this collection and I’m so pleased with the results. I hope you love it too. And I can’t wait to see what you create with it, so please share if you use it for a project!

Here is a look at the collection, which is shipping and is popping up in stores now! If you’d like to find out where to buy it, you can search for where to buy it on the Cloud9 website.